Ruwa Braid 2x

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Perfect for those with an active lifestyle, RUWABraid is light weight and soft to the touch. Ruwa is made with Aquatex® fibre from Kanekalon®. Treated with an advanced hydrophobic coating Ruwabraid naturally repels water and moisture, allowing you to shampoo regularly with quick drying time, even after hot water setting


Essential Info

Type of hair: Kanekalon Aquatex

Type of product: Bulk

Packs used for full head: 3 to 4 depending on fullness and chosen style 

Weight: 141g

Length: 45" full length- 24" folded


Quick Facts

  • Made with synthetic fibre
  • Faster drying
  • Bulk braiding with more weight and lenght than standard brands
  • Braids can be hot water set
  • Lighter weight

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