X-Pression - Senegalese Twist Large

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X-Pression Braids is expanding its iconic range with the new and creative Senegalese Braid collection. These five styles cover small delicate box braids to larger-than-life twists – and everything in between. The synthetic fibre makes the styles lightweight and most importantly they are easy to crochet, meaning application is simple and finished in a flash.

Quick Facts

* Five standout braid styles
* Pre-twisted / braided and pre-coloured for time-saving convenience
* Crochet braids, meaning less application time required and less tension on the wearer’s head
* Popular box braids and twists in various sizes
* Hot water sealing
* Lightweight soft texture
* Vibrant colours

Essential Info

Type of hair: 100% Synthetic
Type of product: Pre-looped braids
Packs used for full head: 6 Recommendations: Perfect for every protective hairstyle and natural hair look

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