Big Beautiful Hair Clip-in - 4C Coily Fro

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Designed to enhance the natural beauty of curly, textured hair, the Big Beautiful Clip-in collection is the perfect accessory for adding instant length and volume to natural styles in all guises. Suited to hair types in the 4a to 4c category, the silicone clips are easy to secure and durable.

Quick Facts

  • Type of hair: 100% Human Hair Premium Blend
  • Heat resistant: Yes
  • Type of product:Clip-in Extensions
  • Packs per full head: One to two (*)
  • Weight of packet: (approx.) 41g
  • Recommendations: To achieve a flawless blend, twirl or loosely twist left out curls with clip-in hair
  • Unique features: Ideal for adding length and volume to natural hair with an S or zig-zag pattern

(*) This is a recommended number. The number of packs largely depends on your chosen style, preferred thickness/fulness, length and head size.

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