Cloud 9 Braided Lace Wig - Ruwa Senegal Twist

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Cloud 9 Ruwa Braided Lace Wig - Senegal Twist 32" is made with a built-in Swiss lace front construction, delivers exceptional braided styles in a convenient wig format. Boasting all the latest fashionable looks the fit is comfortable as well as lightweight. The Cloud 9 Braided Lace wigs are made with Aquatex® fibre from Kanekalon® which allow the wearer to shampoo regularly with quicker drying time, even after hot water setting. Wearers have the ability to part the strands in any direction for versatility and a flawless natural finish.

Quick Facts

  • Type of hair: Kanekalon Aquatex®
  • Heat resistant: No
  • Type of product: Lace front wig, synthetic wig, braided wig
  • Weight of packet: Approx. 62g
  • Packs per full head: One
  • Recommendations: Carefully cut the lace to suit the shape of the hair line
  • Unique features: 4 x 4 hand-tied parting with individually braided strands, natural edges complete with baby hair

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