Custom Fit - Emerald

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The appeal of half wigs make perfect sense in today’s fast-paced world: instant application and greater flexibility than a normal wig. Instant Weave is stepping up the game with its Custom Fit line, which features a unique Flex Cap that offers more movement and comfort than regular half wigs on the market. The 100% Premium Fibre, meanwhile, allows for more styling options

Quick Facts

  • Type of hair: Hi Temperature Premium Fibre
  • Heat resistant: yes
  • Type of product: Half Wig
  • Application/installation method: Slip-on  
  • Weight of packet: (aprox.) 200g
  • Packs per full head: 1
  • Recommendations: Use a ceramic flat iron or curling iron at 200°C to revive curly styles
  • Unique features: Flex Cap - Provides more flexibility and comfort than regular half wig items

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