Feme Wig - Nouveau Straight

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Fusing classic looks with a full dose of glamour, the Feme Wig ups the ante on everyday styles with vibrant colours. Nouveau Straight offers 24-inches of glamorous bone straight tresses paired with a full soft-cut, eye-skimming fringe. Made with high quality synthetic fibres, the featherlight breathable cap can be worn for up to 24 hours with superb comfort.

Quick Facts

  • Type of hair: Premium synthetic fibre
  • Heat resistant: Yes, up to 180°
  • Type of product: Synthetic wig, wig with fringe
  • Application/installation method: Wig
  • Packs per head: One
  • Weight of packet: 217g
  • Recommendations: Store wig in original packaging or on a mannequin head
  • Unique features: Breathable cap

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