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Reimagined classic

A classic from Sensationnel Premium Plus, Tara has been a longstanding style staple for decades. The genuine human hair comes in 27 wefted pieces ideal for creating customised cuts like the ‘Halle Berry’ pixie and mohawks. It can be installed via the sew-in weave method but for a temporary measure, this is the best hair for the resurfaced quick weave aka stocking cap weave method.

Quick Facts

  • Type of hair: 100% Human Hair
  • Heat resistant: Yes
  • Type of product: Weave
  • Weight of packet: (aprox.) 128g
  • Application/installation method: weave it, bond it, or wear on attach-and-go clips
  • Packs per full head: 2-3 (*)
  • Recommendations: We strongly suggest you invest in a good quality shampoo and conditioner that does not contain astringents such as sulphates and alcohols, as these can dehydrate the hair.

(*) This is a recommended number: the number of packs largely depends on your chosen style, preferred thickness/fulness, length and head size.

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