Premium Too Mixx - Venetian Wave

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Premium Too Mixx Multi Curl is made from 100% HH & Premium Fibre, providing the ultimate one-pack solution. The seven styles combine the best natural curl patterns from around the globe, including Bohemian, Brazilian and Peruvian.

Quick Facts

* The unique blend of 100% HH and Premium Fibre allows for heat styling

* One pack style solution

* Parting closure can be cut and blended for a non-bulky finish

* Bundles mimic the look of natural hair textures

* Styles include customer favourites Brazilian, Bohemian & Peruvian

Essential Info

Recommendations: Create a side or centre parting without hassle by using the lace parting piece.
Type of hair: 100% HH and Premium Fibre Blend
Type of product: Weave
Type of product: All in one + free lace parting piece

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