X-Pression - Lagos Braid


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Dubbed the "Original African Braid", X-pression Lagos Braid is famed for its generous length, volume, versatility and affordability. Made for all braiding styles, the generous 42” and 46” inch bundles are ideal for creating on-trend looks that are unique, full and superlight


Quick Facts

  • Type of hair: Synthetic Fibre
  • Heat resistant: No
  • Type of product: Pre-stretched bulk 
  • Application/installation method: Braiding hair
  • Packs per full head: 3 to 5 (*)
  • Weight of packet: 210g
  • Recommendations: set with hot water to finish off the look
  • Unique features: Brushable and tangle-free

(*) This is a recommended number. The number of packs largely depends on your chosen style, preferred thickness/fulness, length and head size.

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